Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation we will start to obtain the design brief by discussing your home, your lifestyle, your interests, and your budget. We will sketch the design ideas and discuss how these ideas could be implemented into your space. After the consultation we will provide you with a fee proposal for the landscape design.

Design Process

Once the initial consultation has taken place we will consider the local council regulations, existing landscape, environmental conditions, style and character of the existing elements and your desired outcome.

The process begins with a site visit to assess the existing soil, drainage, climate conditions, and existing vegetation. This is a critical step for both plant selection and placement we take into consideration privacy, family pets, family activities and functions. We will then assess all the possibilities in creating the functionality and style of your desired design.

Once the drawings are drafted you will be able to review the initial concepts and if you have any additions or amendments we can make these variations. Once you are comfortable with the amended concepts we begin creating the final landscape plan and contract.

Project Management

Post contract engagement, Petal Landscapes arranges local council applications and permits, authority consultation, hydraulic and electrical engineering.

The Petal team will supervise a safe and orderly work space maintaining an appropriate environment for our clients. We have pre existing and preferred suppliers which benefit our clients, saving time, cost and improving overall quality. We also have a wide variety of specialist suppliers that can source even the most unique materials.